Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry to post and run

If I don't rush through this, it's just not going to happen. We're cooped up inside today due to rain and the kids can only be entertained without me for short periods of time lol.

Anyway, my husband and I went up north for our friend's wedding. Let me tell you, the entire experience from start to finish was amazing!

As far as flying, no problems at all, no discomfort at all (other than the mere fact of flying. Not a fan. IDK, something about being 30,000 feet from the ground doesn't settle well with me lol).

I love the northeast and I miss it. The place where the wedding was is a few states north of where I grew up....which I think made it even more gorgeous. I love the geography up there. And the weather of course. It was wonderful to be able to sleep at night with the windows open.... or to walk outside and not instantly break out in a sweat!

What's wonderful as well: Posting some pics on FB and friends from all over writing "You look AMAZING! You look radiant!! You look great!" 

After over 100 pounds lost, everyone is finally noticing, lol. Except 1 person in particular. She refuses to acknowledge - I mean, goes out of her way to "not" acknowledge - that I have lost weight. But this person is also the mother of a very nasty nasty c-word who said some very nasty things to me regarding my weight while I was 9 months pregnant... I believe in hopes of actually hurting my pregnancy (literally). But that's a LONG story and for another day. It's a doozy though, that's for sure!!

But anyway... the facebook compliments... I was not seeing much of those back in January or February. Even then I had lost quite a bit of weight, but I guess I was at that point where people may have noticed a difference, but weren't 100% sure and didn't want to say something and make it awkward. That's just my guess.

But anyway!! Without further adieu here are some "me" pictures (rehearsal and then wedding):
The background was the bathroom, LOL. So I just grayed that out. You're not missing anything there lol.

The dress had spaghetti straps, but surprisingly I was actually a little cold so I wore the (bolero?) jacket I bought with it.

And here are some pics from the wedding "photo booth":

(Friends faces blurred out)

And two more pics:

Not a fan of the lines on my face, but I know things could be much worse!

This was the first time I didn't feel incredibly disgusted with myself for as long as I could remember. And that night, I had my cake and I ate it too! Didn't suffer too much for it and when I went to my weigh in yesterday after spending the better part of a week with friends and family urging me to EAT... I had still lost a few pounds. Not much from the previous weigh in 2 weeks prior (I think 3 lbs lost?) but hey, it's still something!!

And since the kids are starting to get restless I'll end with 1 more pic. The last wedding we attended was October of 2009, when I was very close to my heaviest weight EVER. This was me then:
I tried to find a full body shot and then realized there are none. It's actually pretty difficult to find many full-body shots. I remember in this pic I was jutting my neck out as far as I could without looking awkward in the photo (to try and minimize the chin-doubling).

I have so much more to say - so many half-started blog posts waiting for me to finish and publish. Hopefully I get time soon just to work on those. Ok, the kids are officially jumping off the walls. Have a wonderful day!

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