Before/During pics

I feel so vulnerable putting this all out there!!!

 For a very long time I was extremely ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated by my obesity. I'll never feel great about it. It's a flaw, and it wasn't one I could hide. But I just have to remind myself.... nobody is perfect. Everybody has their flaws. Some are more obvious and pronounced than others.

But I'm going in the right direction. I am fixing this flaw. Taking it day by day!

May 28, 2011 - holding up my size 28 jeans I was
wearing in many of my "before" photos

 May 28, 2011 - Wearing the size 28 jeans I wore in my
"before" pictures. As of this picture, I now comfortably fit into a 12. 

November 2009, 278-283 lbs.

May, 2011 (18 months later): 180lbs.

November 2009 Cruise - 278 lbs.

April 2011 cruise - 185lbs.

November 2009 - 278lbs.

April 2011 - 185lbs.

1 week into the official weight loss program: 257lbs.

May 2011 - 180lbs.


  1. Your smile gets better as you lose weight. You are beautiful anyway! I am needing to lose weight for sure. You look amazing! Great job!!!!

  2. This is the first time coming across your blog and I just spend over a half hour reading though your site. Your story definitely sounds familiar and we have a lot in common. After having my 3rd child earlier this year I realized that I absolutely needed to get back down to a healthy weight and that is what I am doing. I'll be following your site and the rest of your journey now!