Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pinterest... oh no...and a quick update

I have become quickly addicted to Pinterest.

Check it out! By clicking on the link above, it should take you to my boards... just in case you are interested. I want to kick myself for wasting time. I am walking away from the computer.... in 2 minutes. I'm going to blog for a minute and then walk away. Really. I've spent every moment of my child-free (read: when they go to bed) time on pinterest for the past 2 nights.

And on a weight-related note...
I need to get back on the weight-loss bandwagon. I have been holding steady for several months and I'll admit that I haven't been really working at losing weight the past few months. Here's why:

My hair has thinned a lot - or at least, I feel it has. And I know it is because I have lost such a drastic amount of weight, therefore, regardless of how much nutrition I am giving my body, it is NOT as much as I WAS giving it when I was so big. So I needed these past few months to just maintain and let myself not stress so much about calories.

Family and friends around me insist my hair doesn't look any different.

Which makes me feel a little bit better....

But it doesn't change the fact that I KNOW my hair has thinned. I can feel it when I brush it. Drying it with a hairdryer doesn't take as long as it used to, even though my hair is still pretty much the same length. I have to put volumizing mousse in it every single day and I use volumizing shampoos and conditioners otherwise I feel like I'm really going bald.

Anyway I am incredibly distracted... the news is on and I just realized I have a ton of stuff to do before I go to bed! Busy week ahead; I hope to update more soon. And I plan to get back on the weight loss bandwagon very soon too.

Here's a few recent pics; I hope you all have a wonderful 2012!!
Ok seriously, I don't know how to stand/pose lol. Taken 12/25


Me and my hubby, 12/25/2011 taken by my son

Me and my babies, 12/25/2011

Friday, January 6, 2012

Interesting site....

I came across a site that I thought might be worth mentioning on my blog. It's called and I think it's interesting! Granted, you are relying on the honesty and truthfulness of other women, but I think it's easy to spot out those who are clearly misrepresenting themselves. I didn't see too much of that.

I spent some time browsing. Here are my thoughts:

1. Your height really plays a huge role in how your weight (#) looks on you. I know this is a no-brainer, but it is so evident when looking at the pictures of different height/weights. 130 on 4'11 is vastly different from someone who is 5'10 - and even very different from someone who is 5'2 or 5'3!

2. I wish the site had two extra options - one that could account for having had children, and also an age-range option.

I can tell you - without a doubt in my mind - that even though my weight is now the weight range I had in high school - my body is not the same AT ALL - and the weight is not distributed the same, either. I can't tell if that is because I've had children? Or if it is because I am not 17-18 anymore? Or because I gained and then lost weight? But regardless, I think there is a difference in how one carries weight at different ages.

3. Every person is different!
With that said, based on the overall look of the different size ranges for my height (5'2) - I would like to look more like the average appearance I see in the 120-130 range.