Friday, January 6, 2012

Interesting site....

I came across a site that I thought might be worth mentioning on my blog. It's called and I think it's interesting! Granted, you are relying on the honesty and truthfulness of other women, but I think it's easy to spot out those who are clearly misrepresenting themselves. I didn't see too much of that.

I spent some time browsing. Here are my thoughts:

1. Your height really plays a huge role in how your weight (#) looks on you. I know this is a no-brainer, but it is so evident when looking at the pictures of different height/weights. 130 on 4'11 is vastly different from someone who is 5'10 - and even very different from someone who is 5'2 or 5'3!

2. I wish the site had two extra options - one that could account for having had children, and also an age-range option.

I can tell you - without a doubt in my mind - that even though my weight is now the weight range I had in high school - my body is not the same AT ALL - and the weight is not distributed the same, either. I can't tell if that is because I've had children? Or if it is because I am not 17-18 anymore? Or because I gained and then lost weight? But regardless, I think there is a difference in how one carries weight at different ages.

3. Every person is different!
With that said, based on the overall look of the different size ranges for my height (5'2) - I would like to look more like the average appearance I see in the 120-130 range.


  1. I don't weigh mostly because I see photos of women who are desperate to loose weight and their top weight is likely where I would be at my thinnest. I'm nearly 6' and have huge limbs, hands and feet. I am never going to be a weight that sounds small. I'm happier just not dealing in weight scores. I will head over to the site and see what women my height look like. Thanks for posting

  2. Dawn I checked out your blog; you look great!!! Honestly if I was 6' I would probably have the same philosophy. We have it ingrained in our heads as women that certain weight numbers make us more or less worthy... and those numbers don't take into account height! Being only 5'2 I think I work better with numbers on the scale, but I can totally see what you are saying! As long as you have some measure you go by to track your progress (like clothing size) - then whatever works! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog.