Friday, June 10, 2011

Weigh In and other stuff

So would you believe that this entire time, my family has been battling some stupid virus!??? I am so annoyed. After the stomach bug, we were fine for a very short time, then got hit with some nasty upper respiratory infection. It started with my son Jay, who spiked a fever and wasn't feeling well. A few days later, the baby started showing the same signs. Then last Friday, my son Amex* came home from school spiking a 102 degree fever. My husband had been sick as well at different points during these last 2 weeks. But guess who got sick too?

Yup, you guessed it. I hadn't been feeling well overall, but it really hit me Sunday. And I have been wiped out for what feels like forever!! This has been a horrible chest cold/sinus infection. We have all been miserable!

My weigh-in at the clinic was supposed to be Tuesday but I was so sick I rescheduled to Thursday. So yesterday I went in and I knew I would be disappointed.

While I still lost, I am disappointed in myself. VERY disappointed in myself. I only dropped like, 2 pounds.

2 pounds in 2 weeks!?

I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!! I have proven to myself that I can do better than that.

I gave in to temptation way too many times. I can blame it on being sick and having an extra-chaotic household because let's face it, those are truths!... but I am not going to play the blame game. The only person I really need to be accountable to is myself. And I am telling myself: YOU MUST DO BETTER THAN THAT.

I know 2 pounds is still an improvement, and that a pound per week is usually what is recommended...but I have gotten used to seeing more than 2 pound difference on the scale these last 7 months.

Speaking of!!!.... holy crap, yesterday also marks 7 months since I started my medically supervised weight loss program! My weight loss (with the program alone, not counting the 10 or so pounds I lost before starting the program) since November 9th is 93.2 pounds!! Rock on!

My next appointment is June 21st. My realistic goal is to be at 170 or 169. My "I'd be over the moon happy" goal is to be at 166-165. If I can even reach that by June 27th, I'd be BEYOND thrilled.

Here's why:

We are attending the wedding of our dear friend at the end of June. He lives up north so we'll be flying up there. He was the best man at our wedding. My hubby and I met because of him! Anyway we met in college, so there will be some mutual friends of ours there - friends whom we haven't seen for a minimum of 7 years, but for many it will be more like 9-10 years since we've seen them!

Fall 1999 - college freshman

This was me in early fall 1999, in college

The weight of 165 is one I often associate with the beginning of college.

Dec. 1999 - very first picture of hubby and I, college
(No, not married - we married in 2004!)
November 20, 2000 - hubby went through a
beard phase. It was short-lived lol.

Our college friends saw me climb up in weight.

September 8, 2001, mid-way through college,
you can see the weight increase from the previous pic

 I gained more than the freshman 15. And I kept gaining. And by the time we graduated, I had reached the 200 mark, and still climbing.

College Graduation, Dec. 2002

So I look forward to seeing some old friends and I really look forward to not feeling so ashamed of my appearance when I see them!!!

And darn it, I better not still be sick by the end of this month! This is the cold infection that just keeps on giving. Still sick but more functional now.

Have a great weekend, and I hope I can devote some time to writing some more posts (even if I have to save them to post them later, lol) :)

*Amex is not his real name, but I'm sure you can figure out his real name when I tell you this: It's how little brother Jay pronounces his name (LOL).

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