Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cranky pants

First, let me say I am not giving up on this blog.... just as I am not giving up on losing this weight!

Things have been ridiculously hectic around here lately!

It started with a stomach bug early last week. My son "Amex" came home from school last Monday (or was it Tuesday...?) and within hours of being home, he threw up. Only hours later, Jay was sick. Then at 4am, Kay was awake and throwing up. Oh, what a night that was! The washer and dryer was on non-stop. Since last week it's been crazy around here.

The stomach bug is gone (thank God!) and I didn't get it (knock on wood!!!) but there seems to be another germ floating around the house now. I fear it is only a matter of time until I too am knocked on my butt!

Thank you *schools* for keeping my children's immune system's busy (and mine too for that matter)!

So we've been dealing with colds/cranky kids and babies for a week now.

Speaking of!..............

2:09am... and Kay is awake.... and unhappy. I've left her alone for the past 3 minutes to see if she might fall back asleep (which she was done before)... but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Be back eventually soon.

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  1. I hope your kiddos are feeling well again & that all of you are on the path to good health soon! Flu's running rampant STINK!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced