Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So yesterday I had my weigh in at the weight loss clinic.

I am over 100 pounds down now. When I walked in their door I was 268 (I had already lost some weight so this isn't my total weight loss!). When I weighed in 2 weeks ago, I was 169. I was in a rut for a little while. That 169 was actually up like, a half pound from the previous 2 weeks!

So yesterday, my weigh in was 163.6 - whaaaat!? I can hardly believe it myself!!! I am THRILLED.

Here is the biggest bonus (to me): I AM NO LONGER IN THE OBESE RANGE OF MY BMI!!!!!

I know the BMI isn't always accurate for people.... but the fact that my BMI is in the "overweight" category now instead of "obese" has me celebrating. :) I use the Wii Fit Plus and it's so nice when I weighed myself on that and it didn't say "That's obese." LOL.

Now granted, I am teetering on the edge: my BMI is 29.9, and a range of 30.0 is considered obese... but still.... nice feeling.

I am going to a wedding this weekend (yes, another!) up north. I am flying out Friday and coming back Sunday. Shortest trip to my home state I have ever made! But looking forward to it. My hubby will be home with the kids and I'll be seeing old friends and family who haven't seen me in over 5 years. Should be nice!

Once again I apologize for not posting more often. There are SO many things I want to say, SO much advice I want to give, so much I want to open up about.... there is just an awful lack of time! And I am so scatterbrained that it's a wonder I remember anything at all! I will finish and publish the posts I am working on one of these days - really!!

I know I won't be posting until after Sunday, at least.... so I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend!!!

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